Todos Santos

Todos Santos sits beside the Pacific coast and straddles the Tropic of Cancer, one hour north of Cabo San Lucas and one hour southwest of La Paz. The Sierra de La Laguna mountains, Pacific Ocean and the Baja desert all meet here.

Todos Santos is nestled above a large palm grove, on the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur, midway between Cabo San Lucas and La Paz, but it is as different from both of these cities as they are from each other.

Some come to surf the many fine breaks that the area offers.
Some come to view the amazing variety of original art in the local galleries.
Some come to experience the Tropic of Cancer and the iridescent sunsets.
Some come to walk the nearly deserted beaches, not yet developed, no condos to be found.
Some come to absorb the gentle pace - the slow persistent calming pace of life.
Some come to visit, and never leave.

Todos Santos is not Cabo San Lucas. No time shares, no strip clubs, no jet skis, no beach vendors, no traffic. Just a relaxed style of living that is very hard to find in the hectic 21st century.

Todos Santos is a tropical paradise with a diverse selection of art galleries, artists, interesting shops, a few boutique hotels, bed and breakfast inns, unique vacation rentals and dining options from tasty taco stands to a variety of good restaurants. Todos Santos was officially designated a Pueblo Magico, or Magical Town on June 17, 2006.



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